Top 10 Pharma and Healthcare Stocks to Buy Now

Number 10 royalty pharma plc nasdaq rprx royalty pharma plc is a major buyer of biopharmaceutical royalties in the united states supporting biopharmaceutical innovation academic institutions research hospitals and not-for-profits small and mid cap biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical companies collaborate with royalty pharma plc nasdaq rp rx
(00:37) they issued a 19 cent per share quarterly dividend on january 6 an increase of 11.8 percent from the previous payment of 17 cents the dividend will be paid on march 15th to stockholders who are registered by february 18th after the company’s excellent q3 results tigris financial analyst ivan findseth boosted the price target on royalty pharma plc to 52 dollars from 50 and maintained a buy rating on the stock on december 17th its price objective offers a potential return of over 36 percent from current levels according to the analyst who
(01:15) expects a lengthy runway of investment opportunities generating considerable growth in revenue cash flow and dividend increases number nine sage therapeutics incorporated nasdaq sage sage therapeutics incorporated is a biopharmaceutical business based in massachusetts that develops drugs to treat central nervous system problems needham analyst amy fadia rates the price target on sage therapeutics to 85.
(01:44) 79 on january 6 and maintained a buy rating on the stock labeling it a needham top pick for 2022 and confirming its place on needham’s conviction list with many pipeline triggers the analyst is optimistic about the stock setup this year sage therapeutics had 22 hedge funds bullish in the third quarter of 2021 down from 27 firms the previous quarter with 1.
(02:10) 25 million shares worth 55.6 million dollars d e shaw has the highest investment in sage therapeutics number eight bio rad laboratories incorporated nyse bio this is a maker of specialized technology solutions for the life science research medical laboratories and clinical diagnostic sectors based in california they’ve reported earnings per share of 3.
(02:34) 21 cents in the fourth quarter beating expectations by 34 cents the company’s sales for the quarter was 732.77 million dollars exceeding expectations by 825 500 after the q4 results city analyst patrick donnelly boosted the price target on bio-rad laboratories to 800 from 750 and maintained a buy rating in a positive statement to investors the analysts stated that the firm guided 2022 far ahead of forecasts number 7 teledoc health incorporated nyse t doc they provide virtual healthcare services to businesses in the
(03:13) united states and abroad including medical opinions artificial intelligence and analytics and telehealth devices city mods of goldman sachs commenced coverage on teledoc health on february 11th with a buy rating and a 121 dollar price target teledoc health as the global leader in virtual healthcare is uniquely positioned to improve the total integration of digital into healthcare paving the way for the healthcare technology sector to become more disruptive according to the analyst the national labor alliance of health care
(03:46) coalitions the biggest alliance of labor unions and labor management coalitions announced an expanded agreement with teledoc health on december 16th to offer its full suide of virtual care products and services number six sigan incorporated nasdaq s gen they are a biotechnology business situated in washington that develops antibody-based cancer medicines in the third quarter of 2021 40 hedge funds monitored by insider monkey were positive on segan incorporated up from 37 funds the previous quarter segan reported a 95 loss per share in its
(04:27) fourth quarter earnings report on february 9 missing projections by 8 cents revenue for the period was over 430 million dollars which was 28.18 million higher than expected on february 11 oppenheimer analyst jay olson decreased the price target on segan to 162 dollars from 198 but maintained an outperform rating while segan reported strong q4 financial results overall with 176 million dollars in at citrus sales management expects tokyo’s sales to decline in 2022 according to the analyst despite the disappointing projection he remains
(05:05) hopeful about long-term growth with significant label and geographic expansions in the near future number five zimmer biomet holdings incorporated nyse zbh they are a medical device manufacturer based in indiana its projects include orthopedic reconstructive equipment and surgical instruments zimmer biomet holdings incorporated released fourth quarter earnings on february 7th with an eps of 195 below projections of 3 cents zimmer biomet holdings reported 2.
(05:41) 04 billion dollars in revenue for the quarter missing market consensus by 28.63 million dollars on february 7th zimmer biomed holdings incorporated announced that its board of directors declared a pro-rated dividend of 80.3 percent of the outstanding common stock of zimvi its dental and spine businesses spin-off to zimmer biomet holdings shareholders of record on february 15th the dividend will be paid on march 1st on february 9th loop capital analyst jason witts lowered the price target on zimmer biomed holdings to 140 from 165
(06:17) following the company’s q4 earnings miss and f22 guidance but maintained a buy rating on the stock zimmer biomet has a more conservative approach to cobit 19 than its peers assuming another full year of impact from the pandemic while its peers expect at least some easing in the second half of the year number four anthem nyse antm the largest managed healthcare firm in the blue cross blue shield association and provides health insurance in the united states with 4.
(06:51) 5 billion dollars in positions 59 hedge funds were bullish on anthem in q3 2021. as of september 2021 eagle capital management owned more than 2.5 million shares of anthem valued at 949.4 million dollars making it the company’s largest shareholder anthem released its fourth quarter results on january 26th the company earned 514 per share topping expectations by two cents revenue for the quarter was 36.
(07:20) 02 billion dollars up 14.22 percent year over year although it fell short of expectations by 436.76 million on february 7 argus analyst jasper hellweg boosted anthems price objective to 500 from 475 and maintained a buy rating on the stock according to the analyst the company continues to profit from increased government enrollments rate hikes and the expansion of its in-house pharmacy benefit manager and the shares are also attractively valued number three abbott laboratories nyse abt headquartered in illinois is a multinational corporation
(08:00) that manufactures and distributes branded generic medications medical devices diagnostic assays and nutritionals abbott laboratories released its fourth quarter financial results on january 26th the company reported profits per share of 1.32 cents which was 11 cents higher than analysts expectations abbott laboratories fourth quarter revenue totaled 11.
(08:25) 47 billion dollars representing a 7.17 percent year-over-year increase and above analyst expectations by 760.41 million abbott laboratories issued a quarterly dividend of 47 cents per share on december 10th representing a 4.4 increase over the company’s last payout of 45 cents per share investors who held their shares as of january 14th will get the dividend as of february 15th abbott laboratories nysc abt price objective was reduced to 143 dollars from 150 on january 27th by raymond james analyst jason bedford who
(09:04) maintained an outperform rating on the stock according to the analyst abbott laboratories business grew by 10 percent year on year in the fourth quarter of 2018 and this growth is expected to continue into 2022 as a result of the company’s exposure to two of the fastest growing medical technology markets namely diabetes and structural heart disease number two abby vi incorporated nyse abbv in addition to medical products and clinical trials in immunology cancer neurology eye care and virology abby by incorporated is a
(09:39) biopharmaceutical firm focused on virology oncology and neuroscience aviva released its results report for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2015. the company reported earnings per share of 331 exceeding expectations by 3 cents per share the 14.89 billion dollars in revenue fell short of expectations by approximately 73 million dollars a buy rating was maintained on abbey via incorporated shares by mizzou analyst vamo devon on february 4th the price target for abby v the price target for abby vai was raised to 166 from one
(10:17) hundred fifty four dollars on february fourth according to the analyst abby vi has a diversified growth story outperforming expectations in the fourth quarter he believes abby vi is a top pick for the foreseeable future number one united health group incorporated nysc unh they are a multinational insurance and managed healthcare corporation headquartered in minneapolis minnesota among clever investors united health group incorporated is one of the most popular health care companies with 95 funds owning shares in the firm as the
(10:53) third quarter of 2021 totaling 11.70 billion dollars in value united health group incorporated reported fourth quarter results on january 19th declaring earnings per share of 448 a 17 cent increase over analysts expectations the sales of 73.74 billion dollars exceeded expectations by 774.36 million or 7.
(11:20) 4 percent united health group incorporated issued a quarterly dividend of 1.45 per share on december 2nd the same amount as in the previous quarter the dividend was paid on december 14th to owners who had registered their shares by december 6th and were eligible to receive it according to svb lyric analyst wid mayo the price objective for unitedhealthcare group incorporated has been lifted.

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